MY GIFT TO YOU: (Please feel free to forward this to friends for their personal use )
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This exploration (Soul Keys™) supports you directly by:

  1. 1. Vitalizing your body/mind/spirit with the energy given
    by the Earth.
  2. 2. Informing you, specifically, about how you are blocked or
    "in-synch" within yourself

I hope you receive as much insight, simple joy, renewal, and strength as I have over the years from this connection.


Most of my time goes toward my practice and writing these days, however, there are a few times per year that I teach and facilitate healing circles. If you are interested in hosting me in your town, I’ll be happy to receive your call/email and we can discuss the particulars in more detail. Click here to contact me

"Thank you for reintroducing me to my spirit and my power as a wonderful woman. The power of this class is indescribable!"
Tammy, C. Bend, Oregon
" This has been one of the most powerful experiences of my life. I feel so grounded and peaceful."
Kris T, Issaquah, Wa.


(This really isn’t as scary as it sounds ) Our initial meeting will be approximately an hour and 15 minutes. Subsequent sessions are an hour every week for a period of time and then moving to alternating weeks.

"I have explored various therapies and healing processes for years and have NEVER experienced a practitioner as knowledgeable and gifted as Sharon."
A. Young, Chicago, IL

I do work with couples AND prefer to work with each person individually as I have found over the years that this helps both partners to move deeper and bring new tools that they have personally embodied to the relationship.

"I’m calling to see if I can set an appointment too. My wife had nothing but wonderful things to say about you and, perhaps even more to the point, it was what she didn’t have to say. She was glowing from within after just one session. I’d like a piece of that too!"
Scott T., San Francisco, Ca